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Name:I 'ship competence.
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A community for the joys of competence... competence porn.

Got some to share? Excerpts, links, fanfic, video clips, movie/tv reviews, general gushing, all are welcome here.

Cuts: Please cut long posts, large or multiple images, and anything with a warning.

Warnings: We respect the need for warnings. If you're asked to post them, please put them on. If you're asked by a mod to do so and you don't, you'll be asked to leave immediately. This is non-negotiable. We want this community to be safe and fun for everyone—and everyone's idea of fun is different. Warnings are not about what affects you—if someone says they're affected and you don't get it, please respect the effort they have put out to connect with you and put the warning or cut where it belongs. These requests are not criticisms, they're an expression of trust and respect and an essential part of building a community. For questions or concerns, comment at this admin post.

Accessibility: In the same spirit of inclusiveness, this community is access-friendly. If you post an image or a video, please provide a description/summary. If you post a video, please provide a transcript. If you are good at and/or enjoy transcribing videos, please drop your name in the admin post as a volunteer to help out if anyone finds transcription to be difficult. Do you need access help? Comment at the admin post to get it.

Diversity: This community aspires to exceed 101 social justice standards. Please be conscious of and respectful in your language choices, topics, and comments with regard to race, class, sex, gender, and and ability. Questions? Pop into the admin post and we'll sort things out.

Language: This is primarily an English language community but if you have competence porn that's in another language, please, come on in and we'd appreciate it if you'd bring a translation though feel free to post in both languages—drop by the admin post if you have any questions. You're welcome here.

Further Guidelines
  • explicit discussion of violence, death, trauma to children, sexual assault must be warned for and put behind a cut
  • if you think twice about whether or not it needs a warning and a cut, go ahead, it's free
  • no blinking icons or text
  • remember: all pictures need descriptions and videos need transcripts
  • not all romantic relationships are heterosexual or monogamous
  • sex is not gender, gender is not a binary
  • respect the self-identification of others and their preferred pronouns
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